Overview of the Conference

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The Arab Family in an Age of Transition: Challenges and Resilience

Date: 3 and 4 May 2015


The DIFI Annual Conference on Family Research and Policy seeks to promote research on the family in the Arab world. It also seeks to generate evidence to inform family policies that promote the wellbeing of families. 

The conference is organized by The Doha International Family Institute in collaboration with the Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University.

About this Year’s Conference

The political turmoil and economic challenges that are played out on the national stage in the Arab world are also lived and experienced at the level of the family; the fundamental unit of social organization in Arab societies. The challenges facing the Arab family today are as diverse as the region itself, ranging from economic pressures and cultural threats to political turbulence and violent conflict. The coping strategies and long-term implications of these challenges on the formation, stability, and wellbeing of the Arab family are the focus of this conference. Scholars from inside and outside the region are invited to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions on the spectrum of challenges that threaten not only the stability and welfare of the Arab family, but in some cases its very survival, as well as to give their research insights into the range of coping mechanisms and their short and long-term implications.