Is DIFI a government organization?

No. DIFI is a member of Qatar Foundation, which is a private, non-profit organization that serves the people of Qatar by supporting and operating programs in three core mission areas: education, science and research, and community development.

What kind of services DIFI provide for families?

The Institute is not a traditional service-providing NGO but rather an NGO focusing on research, policy and outreach. DIFI’s core focus is on developing and supporting high-quality research pertaining to the Arab family, in partnership with multiple stakeholders including academicians, NGOs, policymakers and service providers at local, regional and international levels. The Institute aims to build effective networks across these constituencies and provide evidence-based information on family issues, rather than direct services at grass root levels, which are the focus of traditional NGOs.

Does DIFI have a family counseling unit for the public to seek family advice?

There are many NGOs locally that provide family counseling. However, DIFI is a research based institution, focused on identifying trends and developments pertaining to the Arab family, which need to be addressed at a policy level in order to support the positive development of the Arab family as a whole. As such, the Institute is not a traditional NGO that provides services at grass root levels.

Is DIFI a research funding/grant-providing organization?

DIFI provided grants to support research, policy initiatives and conferences on a wide range of topics pertaining to the family at the local, regional and international levels up until 2012. In 2013, the Institute adopted a new strategic direction to focus on research on the family in the Arab world. Consequently, DIFI now only funds research on Arab families to support the creation of a knowledge base on contemporary Arab families. In March 2015, DIFI in collaboration with Qatar National Researched fund launched the jointly funded OSRA Grant. OSRA, which means family in Arabic, is a unique grant because it focuses solely on research on Arab families and family policy related issues. It aims to support innovative and high quality research initiatives that advance knowledge on Arab families and provide policy makers with evidence based research and analysis that supports the design and implementation of new or more effective family policies and programs. OSRA constitutes a grant of up to one-year and up to US$ 50,000 with the possibility of up to a six month, no-cost extension, if justified and this grant is open to researchers from all Arab countries. Currently, DIFI does not offer other grants.  To know more about OSRA.

Does DIFI only work in the Arab region?

No. The Institute’s Mission is supporting the aims of the 2004 Doha Declaration on the Family and thus, DIFI continue to support the objectives of the International Year of the Family and frequently works with UN agencies and likeminded international organizations to advance knowledge of families and family policies. DIFI firmly upholds the role of the family as a fundamental building block of national and international development. It uses research to improve the well being of families in the nation, region and ultimately worldwide. While the Institute’s focus is on trends and developments impacting the Arab family, DIFI has alliances and partnerships with multiples constituents internationally, regionally and locally. DIFI has a Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It has held a wide-range of international colloquia in partnership with global organizations including UNDESA, UNFPA, UNAIDS, UNICEF, ILO, ITC/ILO, OSAGI, and the UN Programme on Ageing.

How can I attend a DIFI event?

All DIFI events are listed on the website. However not all events are open to the public. Kindly continue to refer to the listings on this site for up-to-date information on DIFI events.